Thursday, February 7, 2008

The fine art of thrifting

My friend Nicole clued me in to the most awesome thrift store. We took a trip there last week. I managed to find some great stuff. I would have gotten more but Amelia and Lehlahnia decided to wheel two big plastic trucks around the store while crawling around on there hands in knees getting in everyone’s way. You would be amazed over just how annoyed people get at little people getting in their way when they are trying to score some bargains. I have to admit that I too am a little psychotic when I go thrifting. I have a system and it really bothers me when people disrupt it! I like to go through the racks from right to left. It pisses me off way more then it should when someone starts thumbing through the middle of the rack that I am working my way through. I am fine if they look at the stuff behind me, (you know, the stuff that I have looked at already ) but if they dare rummage through the clothes that I am about to look at I get a little agro. I start making inappropriate heavy sighs and clearing my throat. I am kind of a big asshole when it comes to thrift shopping. Frankly I am shocked that no one has ever punched me right in my face.

Despite getting in people's way, the girls managed to cover themselves in thrift store muck. Also Amelia was having a heart attack that Lelahnia was not following her every command. It was annoying and a little too much for me to handle. We left sooner then I would have liked. Next time I will be more prepared with better snacks to keep them better occupied. Here is couple of my favorite finds:

Everything minus the tights and boots. The little black circles on her stockings are evidence of the thrift store muck I mentioned.

Andrew's Rusty sweatshirt was a measley $1.99

Spring shirts for Amelia


Gaia said...

Beautiful spring shirts! Amelia is one lucky little girl! :D

Bumpkin Bears said...

aww I just found your blog, just love those little shirts :) Catherine x

Linnea said...

You will have to let me in on your secret spot!

Siobhan said...

Thanks, Gaia and bumpkin bear.

Linnea you live near all the great thrifts. East county is a thrift shoppers crack den.