Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mary Lou

It is 10 pm and the boys have just gone to bed. Tomorrow morning while be hellacious. One of them will beat the crap out of the other and Amelia will go "ah ah ah" like 89 million times on the 30 minute drive to Andrew's school. That is just about the only thing she says when she is crabby. I will bribe them with my strawberry topped crepes and maybe, just maybe, they will behave themselves.

Things that were accomplished today:

Thrift shopping (greatest score was a $1 unopened star wars toy)

Target bargain shopping (two photo albums that are super pretty, each $5.)

Laundry (2 loads)

Returned movies to blockbuster

EBay auction picture's taken and organized by Brand and size

Cleaning of the nasty upstairs bathroom


A DIY hair cut to remove excessive split ends

Dropped off application for boy's V.B.S (VBS sounds like a scary venereal disease but luckily instead it stands for vacation bible school, am I a sicko?)

Cooked a home cooked meal (fresh vegetable/tofu stir fry over noodles)

Went to see over the hedge (the boys liked it. I thought it was not so funny)

consummation of an unreasonable amount of candy

built a really lousy tent in the living room that kept falling apart every 1.2 seconds

Got 1/4 of the way through the B.F.G.

Aaron will be home tomorrow afternoon and we did not live in filth. I cooked two dinners instead of getting take out and we rarely watched TV. I might be becoming one of them (you know, one of those pesky responsible people)

In unrelated news I can no longer walk around with this idiot red hair. I think I will get it fixed only I worry that they will peroxide the Mary Lou out of my hair ( I just made that term up, hopefully it'll catch on) and then I will look like a washed up wannabe Courtney love.

This is stupid, I should be sleeping.

Here is Andrew cracked out on candy after we saw over the hedge:

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