Thursday, June 15, 2006

Craftiness cause headaches

Today was Andrew's last day of school so I decided to go all out and make adorable cupcakes for the occasion. I was super crafty and made them in ice cream cones so that they would look ultra adorable.

They turned out adorable, we're talking over the top cute. I was amazed. I thought for sure that I would screw them up but shockingly nothing was off, they tasted good and looked flawless.

Unfortunately I forgot to consider two major factors:

1. I would be traveling with three children under 5, two of whom need to be pushed around in a minivan sized stroller. How the heck was I going to carry 24 cupcakes?

2. How would I travel with them in my car without them toppling over?

These things didn't cross my mind until after all twenty four cupcakes were iced and decorated to perfection.

After thinking long and hard I decided that I could do it. I came up with the idea of placing the cupcakes in a cupcake tin, thinking that the little pits would provide extra support. It wasn't the greatest option but it was the only one I had. There was only one problem with this idea: My cupcake tin only holds 12. I decided not to lose faith. I would simply knock on a neighbors door, explain my dire situation and weasel a cupcake tin out of them. My only obstacle now was getting the cupcakes into the classroom with all the kids. I decided that upon my arrival at the school I would pull into the side parking lot, just outside the classroom, put my hazards on, and hope to run into a familiar parent that would be willing to keep their eyeballs on the kids for 2.5 seconds while I dropped the snacks off. Problem solved or at least I thought...

Slowly I made my way outside with the first cupcake tin. Just as I got onto the patio one of the cupcakes fell. I reached down to grab it and two more fell face first onto the pavement. I remained calm. After all I had baked 24 and there are only 19 kids in the class. All was still okay. I made it out to the car and reached for the door balancing the tray with as much ease as I could muster and.......all of them fell on their sides, a few actually dropping to the dirty garage floor while others remained in the cupcake tin but their icing was smeared. It was a big ugly mess. They were no longer cute. They were definitely something a group of 7 year olds would turn their noses up to. I don't think I can even begin to explain my frustration. I now have 12 decent looking ice cream cone cupcakes and a ton of jacked up looking ones. One of my neighbors was outside wheeling his garbage can to the front of his home at the exact second the cupcake disaster went down. I seriously reacted as if someone had ran over my dog. I let out a stream of f bombs. I'm sure it was all pretty comical for him or he thinks I am insane.

I am done with trying to be crafty!!!! Craftiness is for people who plan ahead. Clearly I am not a planner!! From now on I will appreciate the craftiness in others but in no way will I ever attempt to duplicate their skills.

this is how cute they turned out:

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