Monday, April 9, 2012

The Local Celeb Hang-Out

I am ashamed to admit that I spend far too much time at the Kensington Starbucks.  I love Kensington.  It’s urban with a hint of the Midwest.  Starbucks is its only coffee shop.  As a result I spend $3 a day at a chain.

One of the teachers at the kid's school has hired me to grade his papers.  Mon-Thurs I spend a large chunk of my day at bucks grading and writing. I now recognize the regulars. There is a catholic preist that hangs out there every moring. Some days he wears a wifebeater and no shoes. This alarms me. There is another guy that I always see. He sits near the bathrooms and always wears a winter jacket and gloves.  

It has proved to be a local celeb hang-out. So far I have seen Jerry Sanders, Jeff Bushell (not really a celebrity but a guy I interviewed about his Vaudeville in North Park), Ken Kramer, and the love of my life--Gregory Page. 

I almost died when I saw Gregory Page. I off course was too star-struck to say anything to him. Instead I starred at him from across the yuppie-filled coffee shop. I told Aaron and he called me an idiot.

"You could have written a story about him or asked for tickets to see him play at the Vaudeville with John C Reilly."

This is all true. I could've, would've, should've but I was paralyzed with a weird star-struckness that crippled me.

In other news. I managed to shave a bald patch in Aaron's head while cutting his hair this weekend. He was not pleased. I would post pictures but he would kill me. I am officially fired as the Braun family hairdresser. The good news is that my family will stop looking like cast members of Children of the Corn now.

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