Monday, March 19, 2012

Shingle Boy

Aaron has shingles. At first he believed that he had been attacked by a rabid spider. When he got home from his business trip to Virginia, he lifted his shirt to show me. They were gross.

“Are you sure it’s not a business-trip related STD?” I joked.

Upon closer inspection I realized that we were dealing with a full blown case of shingles. I had them at age 8. They hurt like hell.

“Those are shingles.” I announced

“Paul, the board of day school president, had those last year on his face. A shingle on his nose never went away,” Aaron said with a shudder.

“If you get them on your face, we are done. Seriously. Done.”

I was joking, a little.

Elderly people usually get shingles not 35 year-olds however Aaron is prone to grumpiness and he does drive like a grandpa. The worst part of this whole scenario is that you can get chicken pox from shingles. My kids are not vaccinated. The pox is going to hit the Braun house hard. Oh joy.


Unknown said...

Ouch. I was enlightened to the world of shingles last summer. I DID get them on my face. Never, ever google "shingles on face." Luckily, I came out of it with only one scar.

Nicole said...

Can I bring my kids over? They haven't been vaccinated either and I want them to get chicken pox before they are adults!
PS My Dad had shingles a few yrs ago.

Siobhan said...

Yikes about the shingles on the faces!!

Nicole, I talked to Dr. Scannel the other day because I was wondering why the kids had yet to get the pox--turns out I did vaccinate them. I forgot that I opted to do it becasue I didn't want them to end up with pox as adults. I am such a blonde.

The Mrs said...

Poor better pamper that man....more than you usually do that is.
Esther had shingles about 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Siobhan, this is Aunt Linda. I am so sorry about Aaron. I know he had the chicken pox when he was little because there wasn't a vaccination.
I think his father had them too a long time ago. His father was not very sympathetic (he thought that he had been a bad boy and got them).
I hope he gets better really soon, and I hope you will be sympathetic to him.