Monday, March 26, 2012

A Day with the Nudists.

Today I drove to Jacumba to interview a nudist. Not only is he a nudist, but he also owns half the town. As of March 8th, he is the proud owner of 29 properties and over 500 acres of land. Jacumba is dilapidated. It looks like the set of a horror flick. It was once a really happening town back in the 50's. Dave, the nudist, plans to revitalize it and turn it back into a tourist destination. The draw is that it has mineral springs. Cool huh!?

Shockingly Dave was not naked during our interview. We met at the nudist resort he owns. I heaved a sigh of relief when he greeted me with his pants on. However I did see an old wrinkly man butt sprawled out at the nearby pool. Several photo collages of naked resort guests hung on the wall. Dave said if I had shown up on a warm day, everyone would be outside and naked.

His explanation for wearing clothing:

”It’s cold out!”

Thank god for that.

In total I spent about an hour at the nudist resort and another hour, oddly, in the home of an elderly man who had naked drawings, not photos, on his wall. Dave gave me his number. The old guys name was Howard. He is on the revitalazation comittee in Jacumba. Dave referred to him as the town busy body. When I called Howard he immedieately invited me over. He served me fancy coffee with organic cream and stevia.

Howard helped facilitate Dave's purchase of half of Jucamba. He filled me in on a little of the history of Jucamba, as well as giving me a small tour of the downtown area.

Afterward, I ate at the local deli. I met a few townies, most of them short people with bad teeth. When I told them I was a writer three of them turned their backs to me and refused to speak. One of the ladies mumbled something, perhaps obscene, under her breathe. Awkward.

It was a bizarre morning and I loved it.

I took some photos, none of old man butt. Nudists frown upon creepsters that take photos of them.

The old Jacumba bath houe that is now in ruins

Border gate separating Jacumba from Mexico

Boarded up old Saloon that Dave now owns

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