Friday, January 13, 2012

Like Mother Like Son

A few days ago Andrew had an assignment to write about something that happened over Christmas break. I overheard him and Aaron talking about it in the living room while I was doing flashcards with Amelia.

"Write about going to Mexico." Aaron told Andrew.

I didn't think much about it until the following morning when I was packing up the kid's lunches and came across the essay he had written sitting on the Kitchen table. I read all two pages and couldn't believe it. It was pure comedy.

He opened up the essay by stating that we had visited his grandpa in Mexico whose girlfriend was thirty years younger than him. He proceeded to mention that his grandpa had a woman who lived in his house who was homeless and pregnant. She was going to give her baby to Grandpa and his girlfriend. Next he talked about how there were twelve pit-bull puppies in their yard. To add even more flavor he brought up all the dangerous fireworks Grandpa had bought him to play with.

I am expecting CPS any minute now.

Despite the embarrassing content, I have to say the story was highly entertaining. My boy can write.

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