Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 2012

Things that happened in 2011:

Saw a dead guy at Lake Murray

Learned how to properly tweeze my eyebrows

Witnessed my son get attacked by a swarm of bees

Went to Chicago for my mom’s 60th Birthday

Went to Mexico lots, and lots of times

Spent three amazing days with my childhood best friend

Got paid to write

Spent lots of girly-girly time with Amelia

Saw two whales

Enjoyed the sight of wild parrots in my backyard

Joyfully witnessed Andrew become more mature

Learned how to Skype

Finally joined the digital age when I received a cell phone for Christmas

Carted Jake to and from his guitar lessons

Was trapped in a Laundromat while undercover agents pointed their guns at two criminals

Met the girl my brother-in-law is going to marry and actually like her

Made of couple of great new friends

Have a kid that is experiencing puberty (not fun)

Dyed my hair blonde--again

Fractured my wrist when I fell off a chair because I am a delicate old lady

Locked my keys in my car twice

Became a homeowner

Realized that I suck at gardening

Bought a king sized bed

Lost 20 pounds gained 10 back.

Appreciated Aaron even more due to his Zen like patience of my shenanigans

Discovered the awesomeness that is Cosmo’s, my local coffee shop

Thanks to Amelia, Started watching the sunset on occasional evenings while
sitting on a blanket on top of my truck with the kids.

Started really bonding with my dog by taking super long leisurely walks
through my neigborhood with her.

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