Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Sales

The ony good thing about the end of summer is the sales.

Here are my recent scores:

J.crew dress that I have been eyeballing for months I maanged to score it on clearance with an additional 40% off.  It makes me irrationally giddy.  I adore a well made dress
I saw these cute little shorts in the Anthropologie catalog back in April for $49! I became obssessed with trying to find something simailar at a cheaper price.  Luckily for me I scored them on the clearance rack. The best feature are the cute wooden buttons near each leg opening.

I lost a decent amount of stomach weight this summer. I owe my weight lose entirely on the ten minuite hula hoop excercise on Wii fit. I'm not kidding, I'm lazy enough to resort to using a video game to get in shape. In my search for a flattering bikini that would mask my problem areas I found this Kenneth Cole one at Macy's.  The skirted bottom draws attention away from the stomach and it has great mom butt coverage.  At it's sale price for $21.99 for the top and additional $21.99 for the bottom I had to pass on it until I saw marked down to nearly nothing a month later ($9 for top and bottom).  Mine is Teal and I will need to do a lot more than wii fit to look as good in it as the model does.

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