Friday, May 28, 2010

Greater than the invention of electricity

We now have instant Netflix  via our Wii. We pay $10 a month to view an endless stream of movies whenever the hell we feel like it. If I am in the mood to watch Wionna Ryder and Christian Slater kill off the Heathers of their high school, I can sit down on my craigslist-purchased Ikea couch and watch it.  If I want to see Matthew Mcconaughy sporting a creepy mustach in Dazed and Confused I can, or if I feel like hearing Judd Nelson, aka John Bender Yell "NO DAD WHAT ABOUT YOU!" in my favorite John Hughes flick, I can do that too.  

It's almost like having the ability to fly or time travel but possibly far awesomer.  I can watch millions of movies and TV series whenever my hardcore, TV-addicted self, feels like it. It's kind of getting in the way of my life. We are living in filth due to the fact that I have chosen to spend the last 5 days being a worthless, lazy bum, watching the last three seasons of weeds while the kids are in school. It's such an entertainingly trashy show. Also, I wish that I had Nancy Botwin's wardrobe minus a few of her really slutty looking dresses. I would love to live in the pink villa she shares with Esteban. I think it's somewhere in San Diego.


archshrk said...

I considerer getting Netflix for Wii but I don't think there's enough TV/Movies I want to see to justify even $10/month.

Then again, I'm not the only one here.

Siobhan said...

hmm, I would say if you're not a huge TV person like myself don't bother.