Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stuffed animal heads

This week is my spring break which means zero conjugating of verbs, no mathematical calculations, and absolutely no reason what so ever to bathe regularly. I had big plans of lounging at the beach with a book, spending my days leisurely strolling through Balboa Park's museums, and writing at cute Gaslmap Quarter cafes.

Instead I have a sick child, one that has been keeping me awake for the last couple of nights, and one whose puke I have been cleaning up after. There have been no art museums. But I am not complaining because I managed to finish my online Spanish homework. More importantly, I tackled a whole bunch of fun craft projects. My week at home with a sick kid may have been just as fun as what I envisioned, minus the smell of vomit.

While in San Francisco over Thanksgiving break I came across this:

I have been dying to attempt making one myself.  That's what I spent Tuesday afternoon doing.  I am happy with the results.  I made a little lamb for Amelia, a dragon for the boys, and a storm trooper. 

How to make mounted stuffed animal heads:

1. Find a stuffed animal, decapitate it.

2. Sew its head back up so that the stuffing isn't spilling out

3. Buy a wood mount from a craft store or a stretched canvas

4. Paint the mount or leave it with its natural wood color or canvas color

5. If the stuffed animal has a light head glue it onto the mount using a hot glue gun,

If its head is too heavy sew it on (you can only sew it on if you use canvas).  At first I hot glued the dragon head but it fell off due to its weight. I had to sew it on to the canvas. It was pretty difficult to sew through the canvas. You have to use a thick needle and you can't skimp with cheap thread. To make the storm trooper mask I simply took apart one of the boys toys and stuck mounting wire through it to secure to the wall.

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