Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sometimes I get a little project crazy

This week has been my craft week.  It all started with some innocent web browsing on etsy.  I love looking at the art work on there.  I came across a really cute watercolor of a little girl. I decided to print it out and attempt to teach myself how to draw profiles:

Here is my shabby attempt:

 After realizing that it would take weeks to prefect drawing profiles I moved on to something else.

I came across a cute elephant print and some boombox inspired prints. I decided to recreate them with my own twist. Here is the sketching stage:

Since becoming a mom I haven’t had time to sketch or paint so I have zero supplies. I actually had to use leftover spray paint and wall paint with magic marker to create these pieces. I like how they turned out but think next time I will buy some acrylics or oils.
After finishing these two, I had one more canvas left. I used my favorite plate as inspiration and made a little city scene painting. I think it looks like a 3rd grader made it. Still I like it. The boys were super excited about the new look of their room and Amelia loves her Elephant painting.

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