Thursday, June 4, 2009

The middle midget

On the way to soccer practice Jacob and I had this conversation:

Jacob: "Mom I didn't tell you, I lost my tooth yesterday."

Me: "You did, why didn't you tell me? Where is it?"

Jacob: "Under my pillow."

Me : "Oh.."

Jacob: "There's no money. You know what that means?'

Me: "UM.."

Jacob: "Your the tooth fairy! I knew it! I had to test it out to see for sure!"

Me: "Well I never believed in the tooth fairy when I was a kid. I mean come on did you really think a tiny fairy came into your room to collect teeth of all things? And the easter bunny what kind of muntant bunny would be able to carry huge baskets from house to house. Whoever came up with that one had zero common sense/creativity. Santa on the other hand, he's the real deal."

Jacob: "I don't believe in Santa!"

ME: "Oh."

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