Tuesday, June 9, 2009


In junior high me and my bff Jessica used to get together every Wednesday night to watch 90210. I vividly remember watching the episode where Dylan's dad is blown up via car bomb while Dylan hysterically screams his perfect face off. I sobbed the gross sob that involved snot and choking. Jessica cried too and it was the first time I thought that maybe she might have a soul despite her icy exterior.

90210 was my thing. I grew up watching it. I hated Kelly Taylor for stealing Dylan from Brenda. It went against the sacred girlhood code that we all know: never steal a friends' dude! I loved the psycho Emily Valentine and Brandon Walsh story line. To this day I vividly recall the episode where David Silver's nerdy friend shot himself. I still reference the hilarious episode where Donna Martin wears slutty lingerie in the hopes of losing her virginity to David Silver. Seriously 90210 was the bomb!

I was excited when I learned they were doing a remake. Come to find out that it sucks--bad. The casting is way off. I am assuming that the red head is supposed to be the Brenda character. Only Annie is annoying and over animated and cannot act. Also they have this boring dude named Ethan who is supposed to be a combo of Dylan/Brandon type only he lacks personality and that smoldering sex appeal. It just sucks, plain old sucks. They don't even have a dorky David Silver or innocent Donna. And if that weren't terrible enough check out what they wear:

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