Sunday, August 24, 2008

The road trip

A cold sore, two scrapped knees, one massive blister, and a cut hand are all the casualties we encountered on our trip. We saw one condor in a tree, one gray wolf, two whales, countless cows and horses, elephant seals, and squirrels that would eat food directly out of your hands. Aaron and I got into two fights, one over his constant hovering while I was trying to take our tent down and the other about a soft drink because we believe in fighting over stupid crap. Considering we traveled across California with three small children two fights seems pretty reasonable if not saintly.

The kids are infatuated with Yosemite. They think it is the greatest place in the world. The second day we were there we got into are own little inner tubes, with the exception of Amelia who sat in mine, and lazily made our way down the river. It was a great way to spend the day. The view was literally one of the most beautiful sites of my 29 year life. After seeing a group of teenagers jump off a tree limb that was jutting out over the river the boys decided to abandon their tubes and follow suit. Jake was the first to go. He didn’t even hesitate. He just climbed onto the branch and let loose with a quick, refreshing jump. Andrew was a lot more hesitant. He would brace himself for the jump and then chicken out. Only due to the fact that his younger brother followed through, did he actually decide to jump. When he did he couldn’t get enough. We had to force him to move on. I am always freshly amazed over just how different my two boys are. Andrew’s personality is just about identical to mine and Jake is one heck of a lot like his dad. <

The very next day we came upon a bridge that just about everyone was taking turns jumping off of into the river. Again Jake jumped off without a thought. It took Andrew about 1 hour and a serious pep talk from a 4 year old little boy, and a promise of an ice cream cone, to finally jump. I’m not kidding about the four year old. later that day Andrew told me that the little guy said to him “everyone is afraid of something; you have to just do it!” What a wise little person. I actually snapped a picture of the two of them up on the bridge. Both Jake and Andrew were so proud of themselves and talked about jumping of the bridge for the remainder of the trip. They want to go again next year.

Andrew and the wise little boy

After Yosemite we headed to san fran where I got to meet my adorable nephew for the second time. He is always smiling. It was so great to spend time with me brother and his family. I love watching Roger interact with my kids. Their admiration for him is similar to mine. I just love him. I couldn’t have asked for a better brother.

After san fran we drove to Big Sur and stayed at this really cool campsite called limekiln. It was so beautiful. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos because the one day we went exploring I forgot my camera at the campsite. I honestly believe that Big Sur is the most beautiful place in the US.

We went to the Hearst castle because I have a fascination with filthy rich people. My dream is to one day swim in the Hearst castle outdoor pool. Also when we pulled over to the side of the road to catch the view I saw whales. We actually saw one breach the surface. Seeing them out their in the ocean was one of the very best moments of my life. I truly believe that road trips and camping are the only way to go while on vacation. There is just so much beauty to be seen. I am looking forward to next summer’s trip. I’m hoping that we go to Lake Tahoe.

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archshrk said...

What a wonderful trip. I wish I were there with you. Julia