Monday, August 25, 2008

Katie Holmes is a fan of the tight roll

Back in 5th grade my friend Jessica and I thought we were the trail blazers at our school for the stupidest trend ever: the tight roll, or as we called it, the French roll. We started doing it before it was super cool and stopped before it was super lame. We then proceeded to make fun of the clueless people who continued to french roll past it's prime. In 7th grade we started cuffing our jeans loosely as opposed to tightly. We paired them with ugly penny loafers (with a penny stuffed in) with no socks. We thought we were awesome! I had braces and the body of a string bean and Jessica had really crazy out of control hair. Yet still we believed we were super chic and stylish.

Anyway, the tight roll and the simple cuff on baggy jeans are making their way back in the celeb world. I'm cool with the baggy jeans but not with the cuff. I always say that and eventually cave to stupid trends. I am going to crack up when I see trendy girls across the world sporting the french roll.

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