Thursday, January 24, 2008

29 things

Today is my birthday! I think turning 29 might be worse then turning thirty. On your thirtieth people know better then to be all "wow your getting old!" When you're 29 everyone is all "you'll never be 20 again, now your really getting up there, Enjoy your very last year of being young!" Sometimes people are assholes, including me! I am totally guilty of doing the very same thing! I am actually okay with the death of my twenties. I am happy with where I am and who I am and look forward to the knowledge and maturity that age brings me! In celebration of my birthday here is a long and senseless list of 29 things you may or may not know about me.

1. I am the youngest of three. My brother Roger is 32 and my sister Michelle is 30. It disturbs me to realize that my parents must've had a lot of sex to pop out that many babies in such a short amount of time.

2. I have always believed that I would die young (morbid I know)

3. When I was 15 I worked at a home for elderly nuns and one of them tried to make out with me, it was one of the most appalling moments of my life. In her defense she suffered from Alzheimer's and was highly delusional

4. I am insanely afraid of birds especially crows all as a result of a very traumatic bird incident that involved a bird dying a bloody death on a table at a Mexican restaurant I was eating at with my family. I think I was about 5 or 6 at the time. The bird flew in through an open door and tried to escape through the glass window near our table only to break its neck and land twitching on our food.

5. I shared a bag of mushrooms with a friend at the prom and spent half an hour in the bathroom laughing at the way the water was coming out of the faucet, as a result I got water stains all over my pretty dress and looked stupid the rest of the night.

6. I was the only girl who knew how to skateboard in elementary school.

7. I was on the tennis team at my catholic high school

8. My all time favorite meal is chili topped with cheese and sour cream

9. No matter how hard I try I can;t stop biting my nails

10. I didn't start eating breakfast until I was in my twenties

11. My parents were the kind of parents that were never home so I was free to do basically whatever I wanted.

12. I think my so called life, arrested development, and pushing daisies are the greatest television shows ever created

13. I love poetry

14. I dream of moving back to my hometown, western springs, and raising my family there. Aaron hates Chicago so it'll never happen!

15. My original hair color is a disgusting dishwater color

16. My first boyfriend in junior high broke up with me for being a prude

17. I used to be a Phish fan and at the age of 18 followed them across the west coast in a conversion van with 8 other people. Riding along with me was the first boy that ever broke my heart. He ignored me basically the entire trip.

18. I have always kept a dairy or a journal and have stacks of them dating back form the time I was 8 years old.

19. I think my husband is the most adorable man I have ever seen. The first time I ever saw him was through a car window. My sister pointed him out to me and said "that's Aaron Braun; I think you two would get along." A few months later I was introduced to him through a friend and we have been together ever since

20. Nothing pisses me off more then being called sweetie or honey

21. I have an overactive imagination that gets in the way of my life

22. My dog has one freakishly long nipple that I would like to get removed but fear that I will look completely shallow if I take my dog to the vet for a boob job.

23. my bedroom is always filthy

24. At Christmas my wrapping paper has to be color coordinating. If someone sends a wrapped gift I have to rewrap it so that it matches my color scheme

25. Platypuses and dogs are my favorite animals

26. As a kid I wanted to be a waitress when I grew up because I believed in dreaming big! I actaully also wanted to be either an actress or an artist

27. If I have a hard time falling asleep at night instead of counting sheep, I pretend that I have 10 wishes that have been granted to me by a tiny wizard. I usually fall asleep by the time I get to the third or fourth wish.

28. I have a hard time trusting people that drive overpriced cars.

29. I never wear lipstick because my lips are too thin

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