Friday, April 13, 2007

Sharks and other stuff

Right now I feel the following emotions:

Anxious, tired, and slap happy.

It seems as if those three shouldn't coexist simultaneously but they do because I am that person. Aaron went surfing like 5 million hours ago and it is past sun down and he is not home yet. I am a nervous wreck! I am expecting a good explanation.

Nicole called awhile ago wondering where Steve was. I am trying very hard not to assume that there was some sort of freak shark attack and that my husband is now legless. I even checked sign on san diego to make sure there were no recent gruesome surfer news stories.

Right now I am also trying t convince myself that I can in fact love a legless man. I am going to assume that they are having a too long for comfort chat about philosophy. I find those conversations tiring at times so I am glad he has an outlet in Frank and Steve. I sjut wish he could pick upa phone and let a girl know!

I have noticed recently that all of my fears are completely irrational. I think normal people are afraid of burglaries and home invasions where I am deathly terrified of a bird poking out my eyeballs or a shark eating me whole. That's just not normal.

The boys are watching Cars and Amelia fell asleep two hours before her bedtime. I am hoping she does not wake up at 3am asking to watch Dora the explorer. Okay I am done rambling now!

Here are some pictures from my sisters bachlorette party:

Here are some pictures from my sisters bachlorette party:

Michelle and I (Doesn't she have great hair!)

She is wearing a penis necklace becasue she is that classy!

Posing with some cops

Our Limo driver ended up being a stalker, also can you believe the woman in this picture is in here late 40's!

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