Thursday, April 26, 2007

Aaron is into grandmas

For the last couple of months Aaron has been bringing home bulk grocery items from work. Finally I had to ask

"Is there like a Costco in the basement of spawar that I don't know about."

"It's from Julie," he told me.

He went on to explain that she kept buying bulk stuff only to find out she doesn't like the item. She has been passing things on to Aaron. Up to that point I had never heard of this Julie person. With Aaron being an engineer there are very few women at his work. I like it that way because I have a tendency toward psychotic jealousy. Yes, that's right I am a freak.

After learning who the bulk items were from I started to get super annoyed every time he would bring something home. Had the woman not heard of a regular grocery store where you buy a small box and aren't out like $20 if you aren't fond of baked cheetos? The last straw was the night he brought home this fancy gourmet soup that had a pasty note on the side, that read
"Enjoy! from Julie."

I was pissed! I swore her little note that read "enjoy!" was code for I think your hot and I want you to run away with me.

I didn't talk to Aaron all night and for spite, I ate his soup. It was good I should add, really good! Finally Aaron realized that I was giving him the cold shoulder. It takes that man ions to pick up on things. I told him that I thought this Julie person was hitting on him. He went into this horrible fit of laughter that lasted forever! I thought I might kill him.

"Why is this funny?" I asked

"Because she is a grandmother, she's old, really old. She passes food on to us because she knows we have three kids and that you stay home with them." He told me

That's when I started to feel like an idiot and a big jerk but I still wasn't ready to let go of my theory that she was in fact hitting on him.

"Old people hit on young guys."

I realized how stupid and annoying I was being but sometimes I don't like to admit to defeat also it can be fun to be mad. I started picturing Aaron and a grandmother running off together, her with her little cane and bifocals. It was all together hilarious.

"You're lucky you have me because all you can get is a granny." I told him

Now whenever Aaron gets ready for work in the morning he will turn to me and ask,

"do you think Julie will like my shirt?"

He is such a smart ass!

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