Monday, November 12, 2012

I Don't Know How to Raise a Teenager

It is 12:02 and I am awake reading Sylvia Plath and Frank O’Hara poems. Aaron is down stairs asleep on the coach. I can hear him snoring. I am putting off sleep because it is nice not to be needed or expected to do anything.

Tonight we had Andrew issues. It feels like we always have Andrew issues. I think I might be a failure at the whole raising a teenager thing. I worry about him constantly. I am really tough on Andrew.

He is so much like me that I am startled. I spend so much time envisioning the mistakes he will make as a result of our similarities, that sometimes I lose sight of his individuality. I need to change that.

I wish I knew how to get through to my kid. I think a big part of it is being honest. I just need to tell him that I get it; I understand how hard it is to be a teenager. I remember what it was like. I think if I approach him with compassion and understanding we can side step all these little wars we keep having.
I just want to enjoy him again. It will get better.

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