Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Cub

The people that live behind us are scouting fanatics.  The dad is a pack leader and the mom is a den leader.  Their son is a cub scout and their daughter is a girl scout.  Their lives are consumed with pack activities.  Sometimes I wonder if they poop girl scout cookies.

 Since moving in to our new house Aaron has decided that our boys should become scouts.  I wasn't a fan of the idea.  I was a girl scout from age 10-12.  The uniforms were itchy, they would force us to clean up parks on the weekends, and our leader freaked out when my friend Jessica and I played light as a feather stiff as a board.  If I remember correctly, she called us demon worshipers. 

Andrew out right refused to become a boy scout.  At 12,  he realizes that becoming a scout may put an end to any sort of social life he's got going on.  He was spared, which is a good thing because scouts are far too optimistic for my cynical little Andrew. 

 Jake however, is still young enough that he will not be labeled as a freak for being a cub scout.  He joined the neighbor's pack and loves it.  I find the events excruciating.  There is too much pep involved in every thing and everyone is smiling--all the time! They expect the parents to sing cheesy songs and preform skits and know the boy scout salute.  I suffer through it gladly because it makes Jake super happy.  It's a small price to pay. 

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