Monday, January 31, 2011

Something New

This year, for my Birthday, my husband bought me a house, which makes us sound like the type of people that have a maid or take exotic vacations to Argentina. In reality finding out we would be homeowners on my Birthday was  a happy little coincidence.

We are currently in escrow with a move in date sometime at the end of February. I have some serious packing ahead of me.

I love the house. It is a beautiful and the home I can see us in for the rest of our lives.

It reminds me of my childhood. The streets are tree lined and curvy. There is a downtown area within walking distance that resembles a Norman Rockwell painting. It is filled with antique stores and small cafes and even a British export shop where I can purchase my favorite items for a traditional irish breakfast. It even hosts an old time car show once a month and an elaborate Oktober festival in the fall.

Our new home reminds me of the beginning of my relationship with Aaron when everything was fresh and new and I still took a polite tone with him even when I was grumpy, when I tried really hard to keep the house clean and when I cried any time I made parental mistakes like the time I accidently scratched Andrew’s tiny perfect little infant nose and it bleed.

It reminds me of being six and hiding behind the dining room curtains of my childhood home whenever my dad came home from work giggling and thinking he would fail to see my scuffed tennis shoes peeking out from behind the thick white fabric. Our new house smells like memories—new and old.

When we first moved to San Diego we lived less than a mile away. We used to drive down the hilly streets of our soon to be neighborhood and imagine what it would be like to live in one of the houses on the hills and now one of them will be the place where we sleep every night.

It’s a foreclosure and very rough around it’s edges. It’s a fixer and not much to look at. With time we will spruce it up. There is a tree in the backyard that is meant for a tree house also there is a small barn back there that is absolutely adorable. On top of that the kids that live directly behind us have a pirate ship fort that looks like it belongs on the set of a Disney kid’s movie. It even has a working sink and mini fridge. It’s pretty darn amazing. The kids that own the fort are 6 and 9—Amelia and Jake aged. Our next door neighbors have an 11 year-old son for Andrew to hang out with and across the way is a 6 year old girl. I think—rather I hope-- our kids will be happy there. I have a feeling that I will be.

I still can’t believe it and won’t allow myself to get carried away with excitement until we have the keys and our furniture is neatly arranged in every room. 


archshrk said...

How exciting for you guys. I'm sure it will be an endless source of material for your blog.

Nicole said...

Last night I had a dream that we were with you when you got the keys to your new house and you were moving in. Each of your kids got their own room. Andrew's was right by the entrance and Amelia's room was painted pink. Steve and I were in charge of putting the moving boxes in the appropriate rooms.
Not sure what this all means, but I'm super excited for you guys! And the fact that you will be closer is even better!

Siobhan said...

THe new house will for sure be a source of blog material. There is so much work to do!

Nicole, lets make your dream a reality! I'm kidding.

Amelia wants aquamarine walls but Aaron says that there is too much other stuff to do before considering painting.