Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home sweet home?

On Monday we looked at a house. We’ve been looking at homes a lot this year. We put an offer on one in Point Loma but were outbid. It would have been a financial nightmare. We would have to alter our lives in order to live there; also it was small and had a carpeted bathroom.

I used to get upset after open houses. Aaron would love it, I would hate it, or I would love it and he would hate it. The house we saw on Monday, we both love. It was the first house we have viewed in which Amelia did not cry and scream "but if we live here I will never see Rin and Eli ever again!" Amelia promptly picked out the room she would like to occupy and informed me that it would have to be painted aqua-marine or pink. She dangled her feet in the pool and noted that she could have a birthday pool party. The boys were equally enthralled.

There is a room that overlooks the pool that is all windows and light. I love it. I can already picture it lined with book shelves and comfy chairs. More importantly just one block away is an entrance to mission trails Regional Park. We would be surrounded by mountains. I really like it. It has its downfalls. It's not a tidy, neat neighborhood like Tierrasanta. The house next-door has yellow grass and weeds everywhere. There are lots of RV's and boats parked in driveways but I can live with that. At least the neighborhood has character.

Last night we placed an offer on it. It's possible that by the end of the week we will be homeowners. I'm trying not to be too anxious about it. It could go either way. We will see.


archshrk said...

Cool. If it works out, you would be closer to us (real close to our old place) So that's good.

Siobhan said...

It would be nice to reconnect with you and Julia.

There were three other offers. So we put one more in and now we are just waiting. We should know something by next week. I have a feeling we won't get it. We'll see.