Monday, April 5, 2010

I love her

Aaron has taken the boys to Mexico for the week.  They are meeting their soon to be step-grandmother who happens to be 31 years old, along with their aunts and uncles who are 12, 7, and 4.  We are kind of like the cast members of modern family.  I think dudes like my father-in-law should have cool names like the women versions of him do.  Whay can't men be called cougars? 

Aaron called a few hours ago and when I spoke with the boys I tried teaching them some spanish.  Andrew explained that David (the youngest uncle) has a white dog.  "Pero es blanco."  I said.  "I know mom, we've been here all day, I know how to say that already." Andrew explained very matter of factly.    I have been slaving away in spanish for nearly three months and have just figured out how to string together basic sentences.  My kids have been in Baja for  like 5 hours and have already bypassed my spanish knowledge.  Lame.

I am excited that little Amelia and I get a week to ourselves.  Today we went shopping at Nordstrom rack, got some ice cream, and played outside with the bubble machine.  At bedtime we watched her favorite barbie movie, The princess and the Pauper.   

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