Friday, July 3, 2009

The Del Mar Fair

We went to the Del Mar Fair today and the entire place smelled like fried food. Everything that could cause a heart attack upon ingestion was purchased by either Aaron or Jacob. Aaron ate a turkey leg the size of a toddler followed by a fried twinkie with fluorescent pink toping. Jacob chowed down on chocolate covered bacon.

Our activities included the viewing of farm animals, a monster truck show, pig races, carnival rides, and the consumption of trans fat. Amelia went on a kiddie ride with a teenage girl whom we think must have been on acid. I felt like we were in Alabama.

The look of pure satisfaction after the intake of chocolate covered bacon

American laziness at it's finest

Teenager on acid ( You can see Amelia's tiny little head in front of hers)

Fact: Clowns eat people

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