Friday, January 30, 2009

30 wonderful years on the planet Earth

I am old and okay with it…kind of.

Thirty things

1. I love shaving my legs
2. I never feel pretty
3. I think Chicago is the greatest city in The U.S.A
4. My absolute favorite candy is the Cadbury egg.
5. I think I have cute ears
6. I love ballet flats
7. If it were up to me I would drive an old 1970's muscle car
8. I have a celebrity crush on Simon barker
9. I think I lucked out when I found Aaron. He is amazing.
10. Whenever I see something on the side of a highway I automatically think it is a dead body...everytime
11. My new year’s resolution is to be nicer to humanity.
12. I tend to over share
13. I find it difficult trusting people that don’t laugh
14. I have always felt a little like an outcast and I like it that way
15. I really like my handwritting
16. I like to watch really trashy TV shows and Aaron makes me feel like the scum of the universe for it.
17. My favorite show is weeds, Aaron hates it!
18. I wish someone would pay me to write
19. I have a fish and I kind of neglect it
20. I wish I were a vegetarian
21. I hate coconut and raisins
22. I have zero self control
23. My mom treats me like I am 12
24. I was holding my dads hand when he died. It was heartbreaking and amazing all at once
25. I wish I could dance properly
26. I hate that my teeth are super tiny
27. As a kid instead of T.P ing people’s homes my friends and I would take bagels from the local bagel shops dumpster and bagel people houses. It was pretty hilarious and completely absurd!
28. I wish I were more like my dad.
29. Currently my favorite band is the shins
30. I think my friends are cooler then anyone else’s!

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