Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to school

We survived the first day of school! Andrew was the least excited over the prospect of having to suffer through another year of learning. Secretly, I think deep down he was happy about getting back to school but he wouldn’t dare let anyone know it. Jake, like Andrew pretended to be beside himself with misery but he practically ran to his classroom when we got to school. Amelia had absolutely no separation anxiety. I thought she might be a little freaked out since it was her first day ever attending school. When I left her in her classroom she said a casual goodbye and that was that. The night before she said “mommy, when we go to school tomorrow do not say bye, bye to me.” At first I thought she meant that she didn’t want me to leave her but she continued, “Babies say bye-bye, big girl’s say bye. I am not a baby!”
She cracks me up. At three my little girl is already concerned over what the other kids in her class think of her.

All of them seemed to have good day. When I picked them up Andrew and his best friend Colby were running around laughing and smiling which made me optimistic that he will have a much happier year this year then he had the previous year. Amelia made a new friend named Sophie. Jake was ecstatic that there are way more boys then girls in his class. I have a feeling that this school year will be a great one.


archshrk said...

I love it! I can't believe they are all in school. Andrew especially is looking more and more like a boy/man.

I was talking to Heather G. and she was saying how cool it was to see all the familiar moms and dads dropping off their kids at school. It's hard to believe that one day that will be Corbin...hum. Can't I keep him in my back pocket forever?


Siobhan said...

It is really nice to see so many kaleo peeps at the school. I love that when I pick up the kids it's like a little reunion. How funny is it that Amelia's school bag is almost bigger then she is!

Speaking of Corbian, I cannot believe how much he has grown! miss you guys!

Nicole said...

I like Jake's hair swept to the looks kind of like Jackson's. And Amelia is cracking me up with her big shoulder bag. She's stylin!

Siobhan said...

I was actually going for the Jackson look because I think it's cute!

Steph said...

Hi! I came across your blog on and wanted to say thanks - I enjoyed reading your writing. Especially loved the story about Amelia...Unfortunately, I was not as brave as her and definitely had severe separation anxiety at her age!