Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pumpkins and poo

This weekend was our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch. It was like a million degrees outside. We went to Oma's pumpkin patch.

We went on a wagon ride that had nothing at all to do with pumpkins and everything to do with the smelly cows inhabiting the diary farm that houses the pumpkin patch. When I think of wagon rides I picture denim jackets, rosy cheeks, and camp fires. Instead we got sweaty pits, the smell of manure, and cows standing in poop. It was a fragrant ride to say the least.

The boys would not stop talking about poo and butts. Over and over again it was:

"whoa, look at all that poo!"
"That cow is taking a poo!"
"That cow is standing in poo!"
"Look at all their cow butts!"
and my favorite:
"That cow must have a lot of milk!"

They were mesmerized. To make matters worse, the driver stopped the ride to hop out and give us a nice informative history of the farm. He explained that the methane released by their cow's waste generates all the electrical power on the farm.

It has been a week since our pumpkin patch adventure and Jacob will not stop talking about it.

"can we do that at our house, use poo for electricity".

Andrew will no longer eat butter because he learned that the butter we buy from costco is made on what he calls "that poo farm." Aaron's grandparents are Diary farmers. they would not be proud!

speaking of butts!

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